Our personal style is what makes us unique. We all have one, maybe without even realising it. Moda de la Maria’s designs are for the environmentally conscious customer, whatever her fashion aesthetic is. Using only natural fabrics, there are multiple aesthetics that a Moda de la Maria designs can connect with. Designer Maria Ruseva aims to make women feel comfortable and confident in their skin, no matter their personal style. Here are a few examples of how you can style her one-of-a-kind pieces to suit your individual vibe.

For starters, an obvious choice based on the fashion Moda de la Maria sells - Modern. With a large collection of natural organic tweed jackets and coats, one that sticks out as a modern statement piece is the white jacket with black trims. The structure in the design gives an impression of architectural structure, as creator Maria Ruseva was inspired by Tudor architecture when fabricating this piece. This garment will go perfectly with a pair of wide-leg trousers and a basic white tee, that I’m sure our modern ladies have stashed away in their wardrobe somewhere. Finish the look off with classic white trainers, or for a more sophisticated look - add some heels.

Bohemian women have a very original eye for fashion. They have a unique take on patterns, materials and movement in the garments. Often starting with a patterned base garment, you need an easy layering item to make your accessories pop. These brought the Organic Cashmere Natural White Sweater to mind, particularly for our sustainably conscious ladies. This sweater is knitted with using the finest organic yarn, which makes it gorgeously soft to the touch. This is a perfect staple to pair with multiple patterns. As well as layering waistcoats, long skirts, boots, belts, the works! 

Finally, a style that is becoming increasingly more popular - Cottage Core. This incorporates soft bright colours and subtle styling. One item that I felt screamed Cottage Core was the White & Coral Cotton Blouse. This feminine blouse is an elegant choice to pair with long skirts, or a more interesting take - dungarees. It has elegant subtle details such as a round neck, gathering near the collar and ¾ length sleeves finished off with buttons down the front. This piece is perfect for softer aesthetics.

As you can see, fashion by Moda de la Maria can work for multiple personal styles. Why not check out our website to see how you would style one of our pieces? 

Aleisha Lloyds

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