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Something that has been a growing focus in recent years has been resurgence of hand-made objects. While in post-war period, we had drifted from individuality to mass-production, there is a growing interest in pieces that are either made in smaller runs or even individual pieces. In some ways, such items are more human, reflecting the individuality of each of us, and producing pieces that we incorporate deeply into our lives. We all have favourite items; things which we have owned for many years, which are almost merged with us.  These sentiments often apply to clothes, sometimes even more so, as they become part of our presentation – the visual definition of who we are. The growth in demand for vintage...

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A Natural Choice

The last year has seen the world slow down, as we have faced the various restrictions and other efforts to protect our health. It has allowed time for reflection, and to evaluate what really matters. For many, this has seen them change how they work, relax, and live their lives. The numbers of people who have exchanged urban living for the countryside shows just how much we value a slower, more natural lifestyle. The same is true with our clothes, with more of us embracing better-made pieces constructed from natural materials.  There are many reasons for this. The immediate benefits of fast fashion hide numerous issues – not only poor treatment of underpaid workers, but also the use of synthetic...

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