‘Buy less, and Buy Better.’ It's a mantra that anyone interested in sustainable fashion has heard. But what does it mean, why is it so important, and how can we do it?


Let's start with the phrase ‘buy less.’ We are living in an age where our choices about what we buy are incredibly important. Not only does fast fashion and throwaway culture damage the planet and contribute up to 10 per cent of our CO2 emissions, but they also burn a hole in our pockets and clutter our wardrobes. Experts in sustainable fashion have recommended that an effective and stylish wardrobe need to contain no more than 20 outfits!


That’s where ‘buying better’ comes in. Buying ‘better’ means investing in high-quality, durable and eco-friendly clothes made from natural materials. It means building your wardrobe around timeless and effortless staples which can be styled in many different ways again and again. Staple pieces are the building blocks of any chic and sustainable wardrobe. 

Here are the five essential staples you need to begin your journey of ‘buying less and buying better:’ 


1: The classic shirt

Navy silk blouse
Moda de la Maria’s Navy silk blouse

Investing in a simple yet elegant shirt is a must in any sustainable wardrobe. Blouses are versatile and can be worn all year long, with smart looks as well as more casual, laid-back outfits. 

  1. The cashmere cami/vest style top

    This one speaks for itself! A simple and high-quality cashmere Vest or Cami top is a must-have: it’s an item you can put on in a hurry with some denim jeans and still feel stylish. Investing in one good-quality cashmere cami or vest top will save you money in the long run and never lose its comfortable and soft feeling.

    Black cashmere top
    Cashmere Natural & Black Top – Moda de la Maria


3: The everyday gold necklace:

A delicate and simple gold necklace completes any look. I consider it a staple item because can be worn with absolutely everything, including all the items on this list! Making the switch to real gold was a game-changer for me. I’m able to wear the jewellery for weeks at a time without fear of breakage or rusting, and it never loses its gorgeous shine. 

Moda de la Marias range of Gold and precious stone necklaces are stunning yet understated. Designed with vintage styles in mind, they will never go out of style. 

Opal gold plated necklacesAmazonite gold plated necklaces


4: The Smart Blazer Jacket 

Blazer jackets are a staple I swear by. No matter what I’m wearing, they never fail in making me feel confident and ‘put together.’ Whether completing a smart look, adding a cool and sophisticated edge to a casual outfit or even layered over an evening dress, blazer jackets work wonders and are a staple that no sustainable wardrobe should do without. Moda de la Maria’s collection features a range of durable cotton and tweed wool blazer-style jackets for both the summer and winter months.

White and black tweed jacketTweed wool jacket

Cotton white jacket

The Showstopper:


A wardrobe is not complete without a couple of ‘showstopper’ items. These are the pieces reserved for those important occasions, which you can always rely on to turn heads and bring compliments. Dresses made from natural silk will last the test of time and are luxurious and effortlessly elegant- The perfect ‘showstopper’ item.

silk red dress
Silk Red Dress – Moda de la Maria 


That completes my list of five must-haves for a stylish and sustainable wardrobe. Beginning with these simple and essential building blocks will start your journey to ‘buying less and buying better.’


 Phoebe Smart

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