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2023 Summer trends with Moda de la Maria

As the temperature rises and summer approaches, and the coats and jumpers are being stored away, the heat is on to assemble our summer 2023 wardrobes. This can feel like an overwhelming task, and keeping up with ever changing trends can seem daunting. Yet staying in fashion this summer doesn’t have to mean purchasing a whole new wardrobe. While trends ebb and flow, Moda de la Maria creates timeless and sustainable pieces that can be styled and cherished for a lifetime. Here are some picks from Maria’s summer and jewellery wardrobe which embody the ‘now’, yet will be loved for years to come. 



Jewellery this season is all about making a statement. According to British Vogue, jewellery trends in 2023 are embodying the youthful, playful and colourful, combining mixed materials and different colours with simple yet bold designs. Nothing embodies this trend more than Moda de la Maria’s enamel and amethyst collection. These pieces are bold and beautiful, combining turquoise enamel with a cut amethyst stone, creating an eye-catching contrast of both texture and colour. The striking curved square shape of the pieces are attention grabbing, and epitomise 2023 jewellery trends. With the options of earrings, a ring or necklace, you are spoiled for choice!


According to British Vogue, Pearls are making a much-welcomed comeback in 2023. This season, we can expect to be seeing jewellery pieces with pearls, and lots of them. Moda de la Maria’s pearl and gold ring boasts a total of five freshwater pearls, surrounding a gold star centrepiece. The ring is understated, classy and timeless, yet bang on trend. 



While many of us may equate higher temperatures with rising dress and skirt lengths, current trends are embracing classically feminine maxi hemlines and floor-length dresses, with elegance and movement, according to Vogue. Moda de la Maria’s long-sleeved maxi dress from her summer collection is both classic and on trend at the same time. The stunning hand-crafted lavender dress is made of an abundance of natural silk, perfect for staying cool on long summer evenings. The skirt is full and floor length, yet lightweight, allowing for graceful and embodied movement.


Long dress


Silk Scarves 

This year, we have seen silk scarves become a staple accessory, turning even a basic outfit into a chic and stylish look. During the hotter months, there are countless new ways to incorporate a scarf into your everyday attire. Moda de la Maria’s silk scarves are lightweight and versatile, and made from silk, making them durable yet delicate and cooling on summer days. These scarves can be worn over the head for a classic elegant look, in your ponytail, or even fashioned into a playful bandeau top on the hottest of days.


Styling for summer 2023 with Moda de la Maria will keep you feeling confident and on-trend in the coming months. Yet, these pieces are so timeless, sustainable and durable that we can ensure you will also be reaching for them in the years to come!

 Phoebe Smart


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