USA Global TV Interveiw - Scarf Styling

USA Global TV Interveiw - Scarf Styling

At the beginning of December designer Maria Ruseva was featured on USA Global TV & Radio’s fashion, travel and fitness segment where she talked about Moda de la Maria. This interview is definitely worth a watch if you’re a big fan of Moda de la Maria. Maria goes into detail about her background and the building of the brand, a very interesting story. She also demonstrates to host Jacalyn Kerbeck how she would style her signature silk scarfs. Although there are millions of ways to tie a scarf and most people stick to s simple wrap Maria shows a few extra ways of wearing it stylishly. 


The first knot displayed was the Victoria Knot, a common knot for a suit tie. This sophisticated knot can also be elegant, especially when styled with one of Moda de la Maria’s classic tailored jackets. They very simply and gracefully frame the shape of the jacket neckline whilst always holding it. If the knot was pulled out a tad it can easily look more casual and can be worn on all occasions.


The next knot Maria showed was the Parisian Knot, probably most of our scarf go-to knots. This knot is super easy and convenient when you don't want to faff with accessories. A Moda de la Maria scarf is printed on 100% Twill Silk, making it very lightweight and easy to style without looking bulky.


One way you can wear the scarf is as a head scarf Maria has always been a fan of the royal family, so the late Queen came to mind when she came up with this. This is a lovely way to praise the Queen simply but beautifully. 


Another way of wearing the scarf was called the Florentine Drape, this is where the scarf is casually thrown over the shoulder, without a care in the world. This is another classic way of styling the scarf, it shows off the beautiful print Maria has designed. Creating the kind of effortless, model-off-duty kind of look.


Finally, the last way Maria shows how you could wear the scarf is as a Bandeau Top. these were very popular in the summer, however, can still be worn in the winter with some simple layer. The print on a Moda de la Maria scarf is worth displaying in any shape or form. Everyone will know you’re wearing a Moda de la Maria scarf.

Aleisha Lloyd
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