Tweed - the Autumn Essential

Tweed - the Autumn Essential

Tweed is commonly mistaken as a fabric for men. This is dramatically incorrect. Moda de la Maria designed a line of Organic Tweed jackets and coats that give women that considerable unique edge. Tweed is also often seen as a formal fabric, worn just for the office. This is, again, incorrect. It is to be worn to the cafe, lunch with your friends, the office and the occasional dinner party. Just imagine the combinations and endless possibilities you would encounter with tweed…

Designer Maria Ruseva produces hand-crafted tweed and organic tweed jackets that are the perfect staple for your Autumn wardrobe. Often 60’s inspired, lined with silk, with a detachable silk collar depending on whether your outfit needs that pop of colour. They are perfectly tailored as well, as they are made to measure. 

Some people would look at a tweed jacket and feel unsure about how to style it. Not to fear, a piece like this is to be worshipped not feared. Formal is by far the easiest way of styling a garment such as this, dressing for success of course! Luckily, Maria often creates matching tweed skirts and tailored silk trousers for these pieces, so that’s half the job done. Then pair it with a silk blouse or maybe a cotton knit sweater, sophistication is vital. Then of course pop on a pair of heels, this straight away transforms you into a modern working woman.

Now to casual tweed down a bit, everyone knows that jeans are a staple, an effortless relaxed feel. However, maybe try something new this autumn and go for a maxi shirt for a more elegant look. Adding some fun trainers will change everything. Trainers do wonderful things for your wardrobe, I miss took them as a summer confidant, but really everyone is wearing them. 

Tweed will very quickly become an autumn/winter essential soon and you will be longing for something new and exciting to dazzle everyone at your next brunch. Check out Moda de la Maria’s range before they’re all gone.

Aleisha Lloyd

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