Making conscious choices in fashion, if you are a student like me, affordability is a big factor in my retail therapy. I peruse the charity shops and give hidden gems new life. But of course, there are many other ways to do your part for the environment. Shopping from sustainable brands is becoming easier every day. There are so many entering the market that makes the eco-friendly decision much easier. Moda de la Maria is one of those growing, sustainable businesses producing resource-friendly, slow fashion. Beating the ease to go fast is what brands struggle with, however, Maria Ruseva has made every decision consciously based on the environment.

One way Maria tackles sustainability is her choice of fabrics and suppliers. Many fabrics Maria uses to produce her intricate garments are sourced in the UK. This effort reduces the carbon footprint caused by air miles. Aviation is a large contributor to CO2 emissions, providing 12% out of all forms of transport. Other fabrics she uses are from ethically sourced manufacturers. All sewn to create luxury quality garments.

As we all know, fast fashion is a large contributor to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Since Mara uses natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and silks - there are minimal to no emissions when harvested. They are durable, breathable, renewable and biodegradable making them a very eco-friendly choice. Synthetics offer the complete opposite and they use unnatural products to form fibres. These fabrics are often more affordable but cause a larger environmental impact on the world. Is a polyester jacket from a fast fashion store, really worth destroying the planet over?

Although it is easier, cheaper and convenient to shop for fast fashion, the cost on the planet is much greater. Maria is environmentally conscious and makes every effort to build a sustainable brand with high-quality luxury goods. Only using ethically sourced natural fabrics to create items to perfection. If only we all had a piece from Moda de la Maria.


 Aleisha Lloyd

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