Summer to Autumn

Summer to Autumn

The weather is at the tip of everyone’s lips this month as the heat in London is unbearable. Alas, we will be begging for some sun when we have to pack a raincoat before leaving the house, just in case. What comes to my mind is - how do we make our summer closet last a little while longer without catching a chill? There are so many everyday items to help you look more stylish without freezing to death. This way you are getting a fair wear out of your clothes as it slowly gets colder.

The best hack known to man is layering! So simple, so effective and we’ve been doing it for decades. Who knew Long Johns could be so stylish? My favourite go-to right now is layering long sleeve tops or blouses under dresses. This just elevates your outfit to new levels. The beautifully soft cashmere knit in Moda de la Maria’s collections is ideal for layering. With such elegant details, a silk blouse would look incredible under any dress. Lightweight blouses are an all-year round essential. 

Another fashion movement that I have a love-hate relationship with is socks and sandals (in this case heels). Years ago this was a fashion hell no but now… I’m speechless at its return. In this image designer, Maria Ruseva pairs her own cashmere cable knitted socks with heels. The comfort and elevation of detail are surprising but acceptable. We all understand the longing for warmth in the winter months but the need to be sophisticatedly dressed. Why not have both? Try this hack and keep those toes warm in the colder months. It’s also becoming even more common to layer tights and socks, or just have socks visible. I feel this is an effective idea that just adds the most simplistic yet unusual details to your style.

Before, wrapping up warm meant losing that personal flare to your outfits, but now, things have changed. This year, try an elegant way of layering with blouses and socks.


Aleisha Lloyd

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