Styling with Moda de la Maria

The easiest way to fill your wardrobe with jaw-dropping looks is to start with simple essentials and then have some show-stopper pieces. I often write about styling a Moda de la Maria garment with other Moda de la Maria pieces, however, this blog is to help you style your clothes with items you may have in your wardrobe. I've composed a few examples of stunning and easy outfits to try.

This outfit is confident and chic. The star of the show is our black and white Tweed Jacket. For this, I have paired it with some smart Ralph Lauren navy chinos to continue this sophisticated look. Simply layering the jacket over this Zara peach camisole gives the outfit a new elegance while also displaying a colour contrast. The best thing about having a main piece in black in white is, styling it with colour instantly creates this dramatic contrast colour blocking that your outfit was missing. To finish it off with a flashy pair of loafers. Loafers made a comeback recently, these platform loafers from Gucci have a gold metal detail which makes them an excellent wardrobe staple.

I had to include an outfit with jeans! This ensemble pairs some Tommy Hilfiger Jeans and a simple white blouse. A very effortlessly cosy look, topping it off with a cardigan and sneakers. The Organic Cashmere Natural Cardigan is another exceptional piece by Moda de la Maria. Soft to the touch, this gorgeous knit pattern, is finished off with a waist tie to give the outfit more shape. Match with a pair of Veja Sneakers. This outfit is cosy and simple with flattering colours.

The final outfit I’ve constructed for you, being my personal favourite, includes the Moda de la Maria Long Sleeve Silk Dress. This dress has beautiful gathered details on the waist, shoulders, and chest area. It also has a slimming panel on the waist for this super slimming and flattering fit. I have paired it with some white cowboy boots. Now, I know not everyone has cowboy boots but some kind of white boot is always handy to have in your wardrobe. As a simple layer, I’ve added a Ralph Lauren Sweater in navy, this can be thrown over the and cropped at the waist to create a whole new top and skirt look. 

These are just a few ideas of what you can do with your Moda de la Maria purchases. Enjoy!

Aleisha Lloyd

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