Premium Twill Silk Scarves

Premium Twill Silk Scarves

As summer is looming, fashion’s bolder and brighter personality is shining through. We are all feeling more relaxed and enjoying the gorgeous sunshine. I am personality loving this new ornery of colour in the shop windows, particularly accessories. Real fashionistas know that scarves are an important accessory all year round. They elevate an outfit from 50 to 100 with the tie of a knot. Am I right? Moda de la Maria has a glamorous and luxurious collection of scarfs that will do just that.

Maria produces a line of silks in a variety of bold and vibrant colours that aren’t only for winter. The true purpose of a scarf is to upgrade, often we forget these tiny details that complete an outfit. These beautiful scarves pair perfectly with Maria’s winter collection, however, can be elegantly draped on the shoulder or tied around the neck for the summer. Maybe even worn as a top, belt or as a headscarf!

These extraordinary scarves are made from 100% twill silk, woven in the UK. Something with this incredibly elegant fabric has to be produced with only the finest of materials. Sourced from Robert Keyte Silks, founded in 1999, using conventional techniques that are over 80 years old. Bringing twill silks to the 21st century.

This family bred company utilizes one of the last surviving mills to dye silks, using conservative Madder silk techniques. They also pay close attention to detail by hand screen printing Maria’s intricate designs. 100% pure silk weaving provides only the finest of quality silks.

Maria puts personal care and finishing touches to the prints that are digitally created through Photoshop. She creates these unique motifs with the logo of Moda de la Maria that intertwines to create obscure patterns reflecting stylistic trends from the 1970s. She mainly sells in a stunning and simplistic primary colour pallet or slightly muted tones.

Only scarves such as these are sold by Moda de la Maria, if only you had one to compliment your summer outfit…

Aleisha Lloyd
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