Kimono Cotton Floral Wrap Dres Style Tips

Kimono Cotton Floral Wrap Dres Style Tips

As it’s July, summer is at its peak and like most Londoners, we are all dying from the heat. This is the perfect excuse to pick out the dresses you’ve been dying to wear because like typical British wear, it’s been raining for months. Maybe it’s time for a new piece to add to your summer collection. This new and unique piece: the Kimono Cotton Floral Wrap Dress has just arrived in Moda de la Maria’s collection. Inspired by nature and traditional Japanese design, the printed poppy pattern makes its appearance in the summer season. Designer Maria Ruseva hand-painted these poppies adding an original elegance to the dress complimenting this rich blue base colour. Of course, a no-wrap dress is finished without a tie belt, to singe in the waist. Starting from head to toe, here is how you pull her off.

Hair - the base level of confidence. I believe that this starts from the hair. With this dress, styling jewellery purely depends on the hairstyle. This dress already has this incredibly flattering neckline that invites the use of a necklace. However, with such a striking pattern and hair down, it could be slightly too much altogether. As worn in the image, Maria has her hair neatly slicked back into a very professional ponytail with medium size teardrop earrings. This I feel doesn’t overcomplicate the head and shoulders and leaves room for the dress to do the talking. So in this case, opposites attract. Hair up with statement earrings or hair down and a simple necklace.

Next; is the waist. Wrap dresses do unbelievable things for your figure. Tying the waist seems like a simple task but where can change all perceptions of the dress, depending on where you want to draw attention to? Tie the bow on the side making a big bow utilising all the gorgeous fabric. This is super flattering for all figures. This way the placement follows the natural shapes the dress creates. Now jackets, just in case of Britain’s unpredictable weather. Because of the Kimono sleeves on this dress, I’d leave the jacket at home and let it speak for itself!

My favourite part. The shoes! I am personally in love with the ever-lasting trend of wearing trainers with dresses. It very subtly tones outfits down making almost any evening outfit into a daytime masterpiece. I would personally stick with a simple colour due to the detail in the dress, but that doesn’t mean boring. Maybe throw on a vibrant colour? Red or pink? That’s what I go for when I want to mix things up a bit, it does creatively elevate the outfit. Nevertheless, white is a clear classic… Heels are perfect for more dressy events like garden parties or evening occasions. So paint your toes and be ready to invest in an essential pair of sandal heels. As shown in the image Maria Ruseva rocks this dress with elegant heels, definitely more for sophisticated events.

Floral dresses are my preferred choice for the summer. They just represent how I feel about the fabulously hot weather. Try and get your dresses out for a summer glow that is long overdue.


Aleisha Lloyd

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