Jewellery - Do we wear the clothes or do the clothes wear us?

Jewellery - Do we wear the clothes or do the clothes wear us?

Jewellery is one of those necessary pieces that make an outfit our own. It is our own very subtle but effective way of displaying our exciting, individual personalities. We as women are never the same, yet, we are thrown into a category with everyone else who maybe be slightly similar. When I am shopping I notice this consistently. Maybe trying something new, and original would be the change we need.

Jewellery makes me stand apart from the crowd and helps me add my own flare to my clothes that show the real me. Because what are we really but a blank canvas? I personally feel incomplete without my jewellery, as if I am missing a key part of myself that I left on my bedside table. Facing the world as your true self is important to feel like you can conquer every day. For a lack of a better word, it’s the glue, that holds your outfit and yourself together.

Designer, Maria Ruseva, only sources the finest for her collections. The silkiest freshwater pearls are farmed from artisans around the world, providing this incredibly delicate sensation. Handcrafted with silver sterling and 18k gold plated, intertwined with the gemstones or pearls. Creating these intricate details to be worn from your earlobes.

Accessories are the lifeline our outfits need, to go from plain to interesting. A plain t-shirt and jeans can go miles with necklace layering and some extravagant earrings. Jewellery provides interest to our outfits, with endless inspiration and ensembles to create. What would we do without jewellery? By contributing these little extra details, fewer items in your wardrobe go to waste. It is simply more than a decoration, but an investment. Fit for many occasions. 

It’s interesting to think that we wear our jewellery time and time again, but our clothes get thrown in the wash after a few wears. If our jewellery was treated as such, would we have as much jewellery as we do of clothes? Maybe this is your calling to invest in a new item, to spice up your other items. A gift that keeps on giving.

Luckily enough we are spoilt for choice as Maria’s jewellery line is sold on Burnt Ash Road, SE12 8RG. If you are looking to expand your jewellery collection, this is your calling card.


Aleisha Lloyd

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