Colours that Sing in Harmony

Colours that Sing in Harmony

Colour psychology reviews the idea that colours impact our behaviour. Every colour expresses its own mood and connotations. Moda de la Maria’s collections reflect the summer and winter months perfectly. The Winter collection displays this intricate combination of black, grey, brown, beige, blues and greens. The Summer collection displays blues, purples and red. Unlike most stores, designer Maria Ruseva, explores a wider variety of colour. 

The organic tweeds in the Winter Collection are dyed with natural dye, this means without harmful chemicals. Pieces in the collection that use natural dyes involve the Organic Tweed Brown Jacket and Organic Tweed Blue Trousers. Fabric dyes are one of the reasons fashion is a massive contributor to the changing climate. 

Moda de la Maria’s Winter Collection exhibits a softer colour pallet with a few pops of colour to ease us into Spring. This garment is an example of the tones designer, Maria Ruseva, works with. Unlike most popular stores she explores a variety of colour in the colder months. I personally was after something a bit different this year, if you’re like me, you’d be pleasantly surprised with the garments Moda de la Maria has to offer. This particular colour pallet is a gorgeous subtle combination of blues. Blue is associated with trust, loyalty, and intelligence, speaking the language you want your jackets to speak. To reinforce these colours and build this sophisticated look, pair this gorgeous Organic Tweed Jacket with the matching trousers. However, to add a softer approach partner the Organic Cashmere Natural White Skirt instead. Along with elegance, the white contributes purity and freedom. Blue and white are colours that are a match made in heaven. Harmonising together like the clouds in the sky. And of course, finish the look off with slicked back hair and some sharp black heels.

Another item from of Moda de la Maria’s Winter collection is this luxurious Organic Tweed Wool Granite Jacket. This jacket is similar to the Organic Tweed Jacket previously mentioned as it is dyed with natural dye. This unique granite colour could almost be mistaken as a gentle lilac. Granite symbolises strength something you want to feel when you need confidence like if you had a job interview. This colour would work perfectly with this gorgeous stone blue, or even a royal blue. I’d pair this with some smart trousers possibly even the Silk Blue Trousers, another Moda del la Maria staple. Royal blue is a powerful colour symbolising authority and confidence. These two colours would combine to create a dominating look, ideal for leaving a lasting impression.

Maybe explore more styling options this year. New year, new you!


Aleisha Lloyds

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