Long Sleeve Rose Pink Silk Dress

A Natural Choice

The last year has seen the world slow down, as we have faced the various restrictions and other efforts to protect our health. It has allowed time for reflection, and to evaluate what really matters. For many, this has seen them change how they work, relax, and live their lives. The numbers of people who have exchanged urban living for the countryside shows just how much we value a slower, more natural lifestyle. The same is true with our clothes, with more of us embracing better-made pieces constructed from natural materials. 

There are many reasons for this. The immediate benefits of fast fashion hide numerous issues – not only poor treatment of underpaid workers, but also the use of synthetic fibres. They are also, by their nature, designed to only last for a short period. They are based around a business model which is only sustainable if we keep buying replacements every few months, but this comes at a heavy price to our world, in terms of the resources it consumes and difficulty of processing the waste garments. 

Organic clothing takes the opposite approach. These are pieces that use natural fabrics, produced using methods that respect the environment. They are better for us, as they are more breathable, working in harmony with our bodies. They are also more durable, with the sort of longevity that we used to prize as the hallmark of good clothing. This is the basis of all of my designs – pieces with a classic style and longevity, that are respectful of our natural world. Or, to put it another way – Quality before quantity. 


Nicholas Harlow

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